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The Actionary Way

A Culture of Loving What We Do

At Actionary, we’ve created a culture of loving what we’re doing, and why, right from the outset. People wake up each morning looking forward to working with colleagues and feeling great about what they’re doing. And they can feel good about the fact that this won’t change.

We offer a platform and a team to amplify staff value and to deliver amazing things for clients. Perhaps more importantly, we have three guiding principles in all that we do:

1) Take Care of Our Staff

We genuinely prioritize a robust work-life balance, recognizing the clichéd nature of this term in today’s business world. We firmly believe in maintaining a healthy balance between professional responsibilities and personal life, acknowledging that both are vital for overall well-being and satisfaction. This principle is ingrained in how we operate as a company. While hard work is integral, we also understand the importance of drawing a line. For instance, suggesting a call at 5 pm on a Friday is met with what can only be politely described as “resistance” – by then, Jim is already out the door for his weekly 5-a-side football game! On weekends, Jim and Si relish hitting the open road, seeking out twisty paths for some weekend driving fun.

2) Transparency Creates Trust

Openness is another cornerstone of Actionary’s ethos. Our products are transparently presented, akin to a restaurant menu offering set meals or à la carte options. There are no hidden costs or obscure practices to generate a quote. This straightforward approach not only simplifies things for us but also enhances clarity for our customers. This commitment to openness extends to customer engagements; we have no ulterior motives, no biases limiting our advice, and no fear of stating the unvarnished truth. Of course, we deliver constructive feedback even if it means telling someone their metaphorical baby is ugly. If it’s ugly, it’s ugly, and honesty remains our priority.

3) Fair Work Effort Rewards

The final keyword that comes to mind is Fairness. Our business model challenges the traditional practices of advisory and consulting firms by ensuring that advisors, the ones driving our success and impressing our customers, receive the lion’s share of the remuneration. This unconventional approach not only flips the traditional business model but also allows us to attract the best talent in the industry.

This commitment to work-life balance, openness, and fairness not only contributes to a positive work culture but also reinforces our dedication to delivering quality products and services while prioritizing our people.

Si and Jim.