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Book a Vendor Briefing

Actionary Vendor Briefings

Does your presentation demonstrate a compelling story and the transformative impact you aspire to achieve in the market? Vendor briefings are an invaluable opportunity for companies to improve how they showcase their products, services, and business strategies. They provide an ideal opportunity for our industry leading research analysts and advisors to provide an honest and valuable exchange of knowledge.

Briefing Process

The standard briefing format is as follows:

  • A 60 minute presentation and/or demo.
  • The briefing request will be shared with all relevant Actionary advisors if preferred.
  • Specific advisors can be requested.
  • During the briefing clients can ask questions and advisors will seek clarification as necessary.
  • At the end of the briefing the advisor(s) will provide feedback.
  • Follow-up sessions can be agreed as part of the initial briefing if seen as beneficial or required.
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