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Executive Advisory

Actionary makes research personal and practical, optimizing business decisions, to fast-track achieving strategic goals and outpace your competition.

A lot of the research to shape your company so it can target the stratosphere has already been done. The problem is there’s so much research, by so many companies, that changes so often, it’s become really hard to execute on what the research is telling you. Plus, popular news syndication articles and social content is making it harder to get to the heart of what it is you should be thinking about for company success.

Analyst relations leaders are expected to understand enough about the research to know which of the leadership team should be talking to which analyst. The Chief Strategy Officer is finding it hard to stay abreast of what’s important and put in place the actions to realize the value of research and the CEO is expecting the existing leadership team to stay ahead and figure out what the research means, (see The Research Dilemma).

Turn Knowledge and Insight Into Powerful Actions

Actionary creates thought leading research and provides market defining insights. It can transform leading research from other companies into an essential perspective that’s biased and relevant to your specific company — providing the foundation for specific steps to make changes, too. It becomes a partner that provides practical insight and knowledge to address your company goals and the hands-on support as an advisor or an extension of the team.

The Actionary advisory team is comprised of market defining analysts and senior industry influencers from the most successful companies in the world. Benefit from decades of experience advising 10’s of thousands end user companies and hundreds of software vendors from industry shapers whose success led to them becoming successful c suite executives and leaders, themselves. And get the hands-on, in-the-room support, to actually do the work to change.

Actionary Unique Benefits

Actionary Advisors are combined analyst and consulting experts. Executive Partners qualify by being former c suite leaders and having held important positions within a leading analyst company. The team provides a unique combination of board level through to leading analyst experience that allows it to provide actionable advice to the most important company executive teams in the world.

Actionary defines value from a more tactical perspective by considering how your company is perceived to be an inspiration in the world vs how well it thrives. You can’t be one and not the other to realize true company success.

Simple Products for Simple Engagement

Delivering on the above ambition and lots more, we’ve defined a very simple model to consume services. Working from left to right, you can enjoy the benefits of baseline review or engagement products as part of projects that can also be programs. These are defined to make things faster and easier, but we customize every engagement to select the best products for the ambition and to make things as efficient commercially as possible.

At Actionary we’re not trying to be an analyst for Marketing. We’re trying to influence real change in companies that create real success in terms of revenue growth, customer loyalty and happier staff. The fastest and easiest way to learn if Actionary can help is to jump on a quick video call and we can talk you through an example engagement.

Engagement Types

Give Your Leaders Superpowers

It may seem gimmicky, but actually we’re giving leaders lots of Superpowers! Here’s just a few of them:

  • Ability to Fly: Leaders who can fly possess the ability to move at “velocity” and execute with "agility". They make strategic decisions fast and outpace the competition.
  • Super Strength: Leaders with super strength demonstrate “resilience” and the ability to withstand challenges. They make impactful decisions and lead with unwavering "confidence" and determination.
  • X-Ray Vision: Leaders with X-ray vision can see beyond the surface with “Insight” possessing the ability to make informed and perceptive decisions. They see only opportunities to lead their organization towards success.
  • Shape-Shifting: Leaders with the ability to shape-shift have mastered the art of "versatility" and being able to pivot to be as something new in the market. They can "adapt" to realize new opportunities.
  • Healing: Leaders with healing powers can "motivate" teams in tough times, "inspiring" them to break down walls and achieve anything.
  • Being Bulletproof: Leaders who are bulletproof are well-researched, "knowledgeable" and "confident". They're "well-liked" and have audiences listening intently.
An in-depth assessment to customize the Actionary advisory service to the client’s specific needs follows an initial consultation. Book an Inquiry or Connect Now.