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Jim Davies


    Jim started his career as a Scientist working for the MoD in the UK. His analytical mind helped him transition to the role of IT analyst, where he had a successful career within Gartner for over 2 decades, defining markets and advising organizations. His final transition was to a c suite executive role in a software vendor where he could apply his deep domain knowledge to help them accelerate growth.

    Big Stage Presenter


    Engaged with 100s of software vendor executive teams to provide strategic go to market advice relating to messaging, product direction and operational change.

    Interacted with thousands of end user organizations of all sizes all over the world to provide personalized advice related to their individual challenges.


    Key influencer of now established markets such as Voice of the Customer and Workforce Optimization.

    Published hundreds of poignant research notes used by thousands of clients to help steer their CRM, CX and Customer Service programs.


    Chaired 8 profitable CRM Summits, taking responsibility for the associated themes, agenda and content.

    Tailored for both Business and IT leaders.

    Designed to align with evolving market demands and appeal to varying levels of customer centricity maturity.


    Responsible for creating the story and associated research agenda for Customer Service that resonated with clients, addressing their existing issues and helped them achieve their strategic ambition.

    Managed a team of distinguished Customer Service analysts to ensure the story was delivered through timely and thought leading research.

    Real-World Experience as Chief Experience Officer

    Embarked on a newly created executive role within a leading WEM vendor, responsible for managing the customer experience as well as advising key departments including Sales, Marketing, Product, Support and Services to help improve operational performance and elevate market position and momentum.

    Developed a strategic Voice of the Customer program, unifying and expanding existing departmental activities and applying best practice throughout. Worked with Marketing to refine messaging and campaigns, plus creation of thought leading content for a new CX orientated customer website.

    Engaged with Sales to accelerate various key account opportunities and successfully triage key at-risk customers. Advised Product team on R&D and M&A opportunities to help further the market leading status of the company.

    “Working closely with Jim has been highly effective in fine-tuning our market positioning, crafting distinctive messaging, and elevating our sales strategy. Jim consistently provides valuable insights and innovative ideas, which have made a substantial impact on the growth and evolution of Centrical’s strategic initiatives.”
    Dalit Sadeh, Chief Operating Officer, Centrical


    “Jim has been on the forefront of defining, researching and analyzing growth markets, such as workforce engagement management (WEM) and voice of the customer (VoC), for decades. He has been a valuable source of insights for global enterprises and software vendors, advising on how, where and best practices for deploying these software and services.”
    Ryan Hollenbeck, Technology Go-to-Market Leader, Board Advisor

    “I worked closely with Jim for more than 20 years at Gartner. He is a thought leader and practitioner of the customer experience space through his work in CRM and CX practices. His creation and leadership of the workforce engagement market as part of the customer service space is legendary. For several years he chaired the Gartner customer relationship management summit, driving up client attendance each year. Jim’s work comes to life in collaborative teams, either as a leader, mentor or contributor. He is an asset to any organization looking to benefit from his expertise.”
    Steve Blood, Research Vice President, Gartner

    “Jim was a close colleague for over 2 decades working in the same team while we were both at Gartner. He’s a natural analyst. He has the ability to write thought leading research that has defined and then progressed new markets, present in front of audiences of any size and to advise organisations around the world on a variety of customer relationship and employee engagement topics. He has a strong ability to appraise the situation and deliver considered and actionable advice that provides tangible client value. It meant that Jim had one of the highest client feedback scores at Gartner.”
    Ed Thompson, Senior Vice President, Market Strategy, Salesforce