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Brian Manusama Completes CS Advisory Dream Team

London, UK (October 31, 2023): Actionary Ltd, the unique advisory service provider for businesses leveraging industry insights to help make better investment decisions adds Brian Manusama to the team.

Brian joins the Actionary team as Executive Partner. Throughout Brian’s career, he has been at the forefront of delivering impact at scale, leveraging cutting-edge technology to resolve today’s business challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges.

Brian is a successful tech consulting startup entrepreneur; a proven Gartner Senior Director analyst veteran and most recently, an executive leader (Chief Strategy Officer) at publicly traded company His passion for customer engagement, digital business, artificial intelligence and customer experience focused leadership have been a consistent theme throughout his career.

His experience exemplifies the strength of the advisory services provided by Actionary for leadership teams. Brian adds even more depth to insights on customer service and customer experience, in particular, as a former Gartner CRM Customer Engagement Center (CRC) Magic Quadrant lead author.

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