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B2B CMOs Should Strategically Apply AI in Marketing to Drive Growth

  • May 3rd, 2024
By Simon Harrison
Analyst and Client Executive Partner

Simon is an industry analyst who has authored over 30 Gartner Magic Quadrant notes as lead and with colleagues. He’s written important research as the Chief of Research advisor for Gartner. He continues to provide deep research and insights as an Executive Partner for Actionary clients and the industry..


Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve personalization and customer journeys are leading priorities to drive revenue growth for B2B CMOs. However, the most widely available applications of AI in marketing are for more tactical and operational use cases such as lead scoring and propensity to buy. Access to data of suitable quality and a more holistic approach to AI infused in the marketing technology stack is key to realizing revenue growth. This research details three key success factors and how to achieve them to enable AI-powered revenue growth in Marketing.

Actionary Take: Unless Marketing leaders change their approach to martech stack innovation, and address the fragmented data reality, they will fail to realize AI-empowered growth.

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