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A Unique Approach to Advisory

London, UK (April 1, 2023): Actionary Ltd, the unique advisory service provider for businesses leveraging industry insights to help make better investment decisions launches engagement services.

By combining former c suite and leadership expertise with deep rooted and market defining industry analysis expertise, founder Simon Harrison aims to offer a unique hands-on consulting and actionable advisory services for companies.

As a former leading Gartner analyst and global c suite executive, Simon has been advising and consulting for companies since leaving Avaya as CMO, late 2022. The success of engagements highlighted the value of deciphering an overwhelming amount of research by multiple leading analyst companies for business leaders, especially software company leaders, finding it hard to pick the right research to inform important strategic decisions and execute on them.

Adding strategic core strength to the existing c suite team, that’s already stretched by the day job, helps the most important companies in the world better define and execute on the strategy to hit business goals.

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